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Boeken: Marktonderzoek voor marketingbeslissingen


- sales directors
- sales managers
- account managers
- sales representatives
- students

Authors: Gerbrand Rustenburg et al.
Price: € 56,95
(first edition) incl. 6% VAT

The first four editions of the Dutch edition of Sales Management have been received with great enthusiasm both in higher education and in industry. There seems to be a great need for a complete and practical textbook, tailored to the sales practice. The international edition of this popular book is now available, edited with a European perspective. This book includes the Campuz Creditcard with personal access to interactive support on the website of the book.

Sales Management teaches you how to gradually draw up a comprehensive sales plan: a process of analysing, learning, asking, brainstorming, writing, removing and reformulating. The framework or guideline in the annexure may be helpful.

Sales Management is characterised by an approach that interconnects important contemporary sales management subjects from the perspective of the sales manager. This international edition focuses on strategic and operational aspects of sales management. Much attention has also been given to coaching and motivating the sales team, salesskills and sales leadership.

The aim of the book is to teach its audience, step by step, how to write an integrated sales plan – how to engage in the necessary process of analysis, learning, questioning, brainstorming, writing, rejecting and reformulating. This issue-driven, application-focused approach gives students the opportunity, working in groups, to analyse the sales of a company, solve sales problems, develop plans and outline their implementation etc., etc.

The book has been written from the perspective of the (international) sales manager in B2C, B2B or B2G sectors. All strategic and operational aspects of Sales are covered in the book. Please, see the table of contents.

The accompanying website www.salesmanagement.noordhoff.nl provides support by means of multiple choice questions and models.



1. The sales manager in a changing environment
2. Strategic sales planning
3. Sales prognosis
4. Customer relationship
5. Sales team; organisation and planning
6. Account management
7. Trade fair management
8. Commercial aspects of sales management
9. Sales leadership
10. Sales coaching and training
11. Sales skills
12. Aspects of internalization: China as example
Appendix: Extensive guidelines for creating a sales plan